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The deptt. of Economics was started in 1983 along with the establishment of Dhubri Girls’ College, Dhubri with the noble vision of disseminating knowledge and thereby enabling the girls students to become conscious citizen and participate in the nation building process as well. The deptt. feels privilege to commemorate untiring and selfless sacrifice of those teachers and founding members of
the deptt, namely late Amal Kanti Sen M.A., M.Com, late Sukumar Dutta M.A, Sukla Chakraborty of Sishu Patshala HS School, J.C. Roy M.A Principal Dhubri Girls Junior College, Chandrima Chakroborty M.A., PhD Associate Professor Cotton College who were contributed in their different capacity particularly in imparting knowledge and towards the development of the deptt. and college as a whole. Currently the deptt. is with three permanent faculty members.
The deptt. at present offers undergraduate courses (CBCS) of B.A. in different subjects under Gauhati university. The deptt is also equipped with ICT tools and the faculty members offer blended mode of teaching and learning to its students. It has a well-equipped departmental library with around 200 books which facilities the major students as well as faculty members. The library displays variety of books related to Indian economy, developmental economics, environmental economics, health economics and so on far the benefit of our students. The deptt. has a wall-magazine name “Amartya” which encourages students to write current topic of Economics in a summary form under the guidance of deptt. Professors. The intake capacity of deptt. stands for B.A. Major 40, B.A. regular 160 and SEC 40. The deptt. is constantly showing good results in B.A final examination of Gauhati University over the years. Till now, the deptt. has produced a good no of first class holders in B.A exams, most of whom have gone to complete higher studies in various prestigious institutions of India. Over the years, the deptt. has been able to produce students who has made their mark in various professional fields. Most of the alumni of this deptt. are placed in Assam State Govt. Jobs, Banks, Postal deptt, School and other reputed organization. Each year the deptt. conducts educational tour for major students to various places of academic, historical, socio-cultural importance.
The deptt. of Economics had organized a plant gift program on 7th July 2018.The deptt. had organized an exhibition of medicinal plant and environment related art and craft on 5th June ……… A talk on “Significance of Economics in our present day life” was delivered by Prof. M . Rahman (HOD,deptt. of Economics, B.N. College, Dhubri) on 30-09-2019 and other talk on the topic “Mathematical Application in Economics “ was delivered by Prof. Sumit Dey of B.N. College, Dhubri on 12-02-2021 were held for the student of the deptt. Ao one day training program for “preparation of a Questionnaire for Statistical Survey” was conducted on 2021. The deptt always serves priority to the well-being of its students as well as maintains the best possible academic standard as a part Dhubri Girls’ College fraternity.


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