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Dhubri Girls' College




The Sanskrit Department of Dhubri Girls’ College, Dhubri is an integral part of the
institute which has been spreading progressive and advance education to the Pupils. The
Department provides the students quality education so that they can go for Major (Hons’) and
General(Regular) courses.The Pupils join in different co-curricular activities .The Department
started with stalwarte Lt. Ramprasanna Bhattacharjee founder Principal of Dhubri Girls’
College, Dr. Mausumi Bhattacharjee whose contribution have put the department on a sound
footing . Now the department is conducted under the able guidance of Jyotish Baran Roy,
H.O.D, Assistant Professor, Dr. Sanghita Chakravarty, Assistant Professor and Samiran Nath
Dev Sarma, Assistant Professor.
The Department also has a computer set and a departmental library with valuable books.
Objective of the Department:
1. The objective of the department is to facilitate an all inclusive education so that they can
prepare and establish themselves in different fields of work.
2. Another objectives is to fathom & spread knowledge hidden in the scriptures of Sanskrit.
The vision of the Department is to make conversant the students with the concepts of
different disciplines like Scientific literature ,ancient astronomy ,Philology, Philosophy
etc. and inculcating among themselves ethical values which is considered to be the
Sanatan values of India,as Indian believes in the saying-“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.


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