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Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and archive and contribute to inspiring our quality of life.
Sidney Sheldon

At the very outset I thank to the pioneer of Dhubri Girls’ College and its Library working as central library of the college since its inception till date spreading all-round knowledge and wisdom among the students beyond limit. Library spreads its knowledge like a flower spreads its smell across the surroundings. A college library is the part of higher education which emphasizes on self-study. A class oriented learning accompanied with library oriented self-study gives results to the perfect education to a student. No way student feel less importance of the library in his/her career. Library disseminates knowledge and knowledge is power. A person when achieve knowledge becomes power of the nation thereby benefits the country. Documents or books or information are only the prime holdings of the library. A book can guide a person or a community or even a country. Our country is governed by its Constitution not by the whims of a particular person may be of any political party and this constitution is one of the exclusive holdings of the library. So it is very interesting that a book can guide a country. Then Student should think what importance should be given to the library. A book in true sense is a friend in need which is a friend in deed. A friend can mislead or misguide but a book can’t do so. A book can change a person and even a nation. If we can recognize importance of book we can easily recognize importance of library in our life. In the vast domain of knowledge of life, library has a great role beyond limit.

To understand above, students should have basic concept about library that library is a system of space or location having helpful arrangement of documents may be of hard copies or soft copies helping the students to find out his/her required document easily. This retrieval of information as per user’s need has become upgraded by Information Technology (IT). After the advent of IT and its application in the library is a tremendous value to the users because, nowadays they can access any information of their need on just clicking on the mouse of the computer. Our college library is housed for text book section and reading room in 1 st floor atop ground floor having principal’s chamber and exam room. Our library is well equipped with air condition having computer with broad band connection with availability of drinking water along with availability of health and hygiene facility.

We have text book section with abundant reference materials like encyclopedias, dictionaries, historical books, literature, general knowledge, competitive examination books and UGC NET/SET materials etc. Besides; library has print journals and periodicals on latest information.Library has well established lending and text section for circulation of materials to 100 (hundreds) of students on daily basis. It remains open from 10.00 am to 4.30 pm on all workingdays throughout year. The library has shown paradigm shift towards the use of E-Resources and various E-Services like free access on World Wide Web. The college has subscribed to INFLIBNET-NLIST E-Resources for academic welfare of students and faculties. We are constantly working on adding qualitative books and reference materials to the college library catering information needs to approximately 1100 users.

Time to time our library holds some programs/activities like motivational class, library orientation class, library awareness program, librarian’s day, library feedback program, career counseling program etc. I want to assure my students that all your information needs would be fulfilled, be it conventional mode of information or web based. Students are encouraged to make use of SWAYAM, NPTEL, e-Pathsala, e-ShodhSindhu, e-Shodhganga, Shodhgangotri, egyankosh,VIDWAN, Vidyamitra, DIKSHA, NEAT, ELIS, Coursera, MIT OCW, Open Stax, Open Course Library, Saylor, Future learn and other OER (Open Educational Resource)

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